Does Psychology Have A Negative View Of Masculinity? - Dr John Barry

Men and women both need help with their mental wellbeing, now more than ever. Yet there seems to be a particular blindness when it comes to men's mental health and how to treat it, plus how to effectively communicate with men about their issues. Expect to learn why traditional masculinity is seen as problematic by the American Psychological Association, the most important factors that impact the wellbeing of a sample of over 4,000 men, the unique challenges that male psychology poses, how important it is for men to have a partner in life, whether men staring at women should be made illegal and much more...

YE OLDE DRAGON SLAYER: The Legend of St. George

The heroic knight who slays the dragon, saving the princess and the local villagers - it's a trope we've all heard a thousand times before. But did you know it was based off one original myth? St. George is the pin-up boy for heroic knights everywhere, and his story is the reason why.

Aerospace Engineer becomes wedding photographer

I met a 27 year old female in the Las Vegas airport used to be an engineer with Boeing aerospace engineer from MIT (super smart & logical), but found out she hated it, so she quit and became a wedding photographer (crazy). In today’s world women can do whatever they want, they have choices; men not so much. Men have got to go to work, women do whatever the heck they want.

Manosphere Highlights

She Exposes The Lies of Feminist Ideology And Why Modern Women Are Not Prepared For Marriage.

The Boy Crisis Explained - Why America is Producing Weak Men

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Dr. Warren Farrell. He is an American political scientist, activist, and author of seven books on men's and women's issues. Farrell has been described as the "father of the men's movement."  Warren Farrell is the only man ever elected three times to the Board of the National Organization for Women in NYC.

The Truth Archive

What is truth? Objective Truth vs. Perception Explained

In this video, Mark Passio explains the difference between truth and perception.
This clip is from Mark Passio's Natural Law seminar from October 19, 2013.

Andrew Tate Humbles Brittany Renner Exposing Exactly What She Doesn’t Have | Body Language Analysis

This video is from the @JustPearlyThings channel. Link in the description. Andrew Tate puts the icing on the cake by speaking the truth about what High value men are looking for in a woman and Brittany Renner can't provide these things. Modern Dating is confusing for men and women. Our videos are made for educational purposes.

Don’t Save Her | Go Your Own Way | MOTIVATIONAL MANOSPHERE

A video for men, to motivate and inspire. The message is to protect yourself at all times. In modern times we don't have to save her. Walk Your Own Path.

ATTORNEY exposes Red Flags in Fraudulent Hypocritical Women

If their lives don't match to what they are saying, walk away.

Bull Durham explains “frame”

Kevin Costner in the 1988 film Bull Durham perfectly illustrates how frame works. Only when you become clear about who you are and what you believe does this work. Until you get clear about YOU, her frame will dominate you and the relationship. Oftentimes walking away is the best option when dealing with toxic femininity.


The War Tactics of the Tyrannical Matriarchy.... Toxic Female Nature

Crazy Bitches being allowed to commit crimes against humanity IS what is destroying our society. It's a term that is "All Inclusive" and can be used for both Women and Men.
The following definitions for the words were taken from a hard copy of Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language Second College Edition Copyright 1974.... before the Idiot Feminists overran our Universities and started playing games with what words mean and who can use what.....

*CRAZY 1. having flaws or cracks; shaky or rickety; unsound 2.a) unsound of mind; mentally unbalanced or deranged; psychopathic; insane b) of or for an insane person 3. temporarily unbalanced, as with great excitement, rage, ect. 4. foolish, wild, fantastic, ect; not sensible [ a crazy idea] 5. very enthusiastic or eager [crazy about the movie] 6.[slang] excellent, wonderful, thrilling, ect.. an eccentric or mentally unbalanced person
*BITCH 1. the female of the dog, wolf, fox, etc. 2. a woman esp. a bad-tempered, malicious, or promiscuous woman: a coarse term of contempt or hostility 3. [slang] anything especially unpleasant or difficult 4.[slang] a complaint, to complain
*IDIOT 1. mentally retarded person with an intelligence quotient of less than 25; adult person mentally equal or inferior to a child two years old: an obsolescent term: see MENTAL RETARDATION 2. a very foolish or stupid person
*FEMINISM 1. a) the principle that women should have political, economic, and social rights equal to those of men b) the movement to win such rights for women
*EQUAL 1. of the same quantity, size, number, value, degree, intensity, quality, ect. 2. having the same rights, privileges, ability, rank, ect. 3. evenly proportioned; balanced or uniform in efect or operation 4. having the necessary ability, strength, power, capacity, or courage (with to) [equal to the challange] 5. [Archaic] fair; just; impartial 6. [Archaic] smooth and flat; level 7. [Archaic] equable -n any thing or person that is equal [to be the equal to another]

Can a “Ho” become a housewife?

My travels to Savannah GA and Houston TX experienced Japanese BBQ and a couple at the restaurant and my conversation with two young black men. Are there any good women out there? Can a “Ho” become a housewife?

A bloom less Rose 🌹 is just as valuable?

Christian conservative feminist woman got triggered with reality. Typical unhinged reaction from feminism deluded & brainwashed thinking.

Paulina and value of older women.

Paulina and value of older women.
In general, women lose their value as they age according to Paulina. Nothing new, it’s always been that way. A woman’s ultimate value is found in her being a good mother. As a good mother matures and becomes a good matriarch, her value is exponentially increased. Divorced, independent feminists and career driven women exponentially lose value as they age.

Good Mother channel:

Dating thoughts and feminism.

Stay away from voluntarily single moms and feminists. Healthy, lovely and cooperative women make a positive difference in your life. Men want peace in the home not drama and debates.

Aman Jabbi - The Final Lockdown - Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID


Antioch University Counseling Whistleblower

Why do we continue to pay for and send our children to these boot camps?

Counselors are being taught not to be objective and neutral with their clients, but rather to view the emotionally vulnerable people who come to see them as opportunities to imprint and spread "Social Justice" ideology. In this video I provide shocking examples of the current state of counselor training at an American university.

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