Our Mission

Our Mission

beliefThe mission of BigBoyzShorts is to provide meaningful and inspiring stories about manhood.  To offer a place to connect with others, mentor each other, and provide a accountability to our life's goals.

The Purpose is to evangelize and make disciples. These will be smaller groups (membership side) Connect and teach.

Our process is something like this:
  • Take chaotic boys
  • Make them young orderly men and
  • Encourage them to become creative patriarchs (disciple making)
We are calling the foolish, the weak and the dishonored.

If you’re a trouble maker, an outcast, a monster, a scally-wag or a rascal, then you are exactly who we are calling.  You’re our kind of person. Let’s connect and build something together.

1 Timothy 2:1-4
". . . to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth."

Matthew 28:19 ". . .make disciples . . .

1 Chronicles 12:32
Like the sons of Issachar ". . .understand the times, with knowledge of what to do."

Please consider RJ's book "Belief" as a companion read.  It can be purchased on Amazon.

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