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PROOF Women Can’t Walk a Mile in Men's Shoes

"In 'Self-Made Man,' Norah Vincent embarks on a remarkable journey, wearing the guise of a man to unravel the mysteries of the male world. In this video our focus is on the first two chapters, 'Getting Started' and 'Friendship.' Our videos are made for educational purposes.

How Amber Heard's LIES got DEBUNKED!

Finally, the truth is out, and Amber Heard has been completely unmasked. But back in 2018, Amber was enjoying all the clout that comes from being a so called victim. She was being heralded by many as a survivor and ambassador against domestic violence, and Johnny Depp was being cancelled left and right.

So how did it come to this? How did Amber go from flying high to every single one of her lies being dismantled publicly? In this video I explore Amber's fall and the lies she worked so hard to sell to the jury as well as the public.

Manosphere Highlights - Won't Date Any Man Who Earns LESS Than $206,000 a year

Pronstar Chloe Amor Won't Date Any Man Who Earns LESS Than $206,000 a year? Modern Dating is confusing for men and women. Our videos are made for educational purposes.

Do Science and Christianity Mix?

On 19th November, 2018 at Birmingham Town Hall, John Lennox delivered a talk 'Cosmic Chemistry: Do Science and Christianity Mix?', followed by an extended time of Q&A, featuring questions from the audience. Here is one of his answers. This event was put on by IS FAITH REASONABLE?, a partnership of Birmingham based churches and Christian organisations that exists to bring as many people as possible into the ongoing conversation about faith and reason.

Robert "RJ" Regan, Helping Candidates to See What Lies Before them! Wild Wild Story!

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The Wall

Miley Cyrus new single "I Used to Be Young" provides insight into how women's lives are effected by "the wall". Our videos are made for educational purposes. Shout out to Mr. Laurent for this video topic.

Oxford Mathematician DESTROYS Atheism

John Lennox delivers a powerful presentation on the existence of God and the absurdity of Atheism. Best of all, he brings the topic right down to the place where the shadow of the cross falls on an empty tomb. To the mystery of mysteries & the Hope of Glory!

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