How To Be Depressed

A fool proof guarantee to break your spirit, destroy your hope and be depressed.

1. Have no desires. Focus on selflessness and destroy all good desires.
2. Don’t set goals. Future focus, hope cures depression, so be sure to destroy all hope.
3. Procrastinate. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Be sure to put off your goals.
4. Eat like crap. Like putting bad gasoline into your car, eat junk to feel depressed.
5. Do not exercise. Binge watch as much as possible, become a couch potato.
6. Be around negative toxic people, all the time.
7. Do not search for truth, and be sure to lie to yourself and others.
8. Do not let gratitude seep into your thoughts. Gratitude attacks depression & anxiety.
9. Do not read good books and be sure to spend lots of time on social media and tv.
10. Borrow lots of money.
11. Nurture jealousy and envy. (Read the story of Cain and Abel.)
12. Look for the problems in any situation. Be a pessimist, always.
13. Ignore reality and live in dream land.
14. Do not give or be generous to anyone or anything, ever.
15. Trust in money and deny the way things actually are.
16. Use critical self-talk constantly. Death and life in the power of the tongue.
17. Look at a lot of porn. You get to temporarily feel like a man without having to be one.

Keystone Events

Have you ever had a situation in your life that dramatically changed the course in which you were going? I had one of those situations when I was 23 years old. I was working as assistant manager at Fifth Third Bank in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a cold winter day in 1991. And a gentleman came in and robbed us. Not only did he rob the bank, he decided to take a hostage. And that hostage was me.

Mind Over Matter

There is no greater problem for materialists and physicalists that trying to explain how the brain could create consciousness. This video argues the hard problem implies the mind cannot reduce to matter.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

The renewing of the mind doesn’t have a clear protocol like a quiet time has. Maybe that’s because it’s so messy.  Renew means to replace. So, renewing your mind means replacing the old way of thinking with a new way. In order for it to be a true renewing of the mind experience, our thinking needs to be transformed. And in order for our thinking to be transformed, our minds need to be actively engaged.

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