Emotional Entrapment

satan for humansAnother school of thought has to do with ‘emotional entrapment.’ This idea is similar to a starving man being offered a crust of bread.  Any food a hungry man is given will seem like a feast to him.  So, when a man, starving for love, affection and ultimately sex, finally has that desire fulfilled, he can experience an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and have an unrealistic view of his partner.

Sex changes a relationship and no longer will he be thinking clearly.  He confuses sex for love and will stop using logic, reason and evidence because of how she makes him feel for that brief period of time.

Sex makes the relationship seem more important, deep and connected than it really is.  This phenomenon can act like a black hole or vortex, trapping a man in a toxic relationship for years, sometimes,
even for life.

Sex is a powerful physical, emotional and yes, even spiritual experience that connects two people at the soul level.  Today, our culture has minimized the power and importance of sex by reducing it to simply a physical act of pleasure and release.  But, it is much more than that.

People can pretend that it is just a physical act with no other ramifications, but that is simply not true.

Guard yourself gentleman.  Make no mistake, women are very good and better at using sex to influence and manipulate you.

Protection resides in your morals, values, ethics and the control of your biology.

When my children were younger, I taught them to only go on a date with someone you could see being your mate.  If you could not picture spending the rest of your life with that person, don’t tempt fate and awaken love before it’s time.  You want to make these decisions prior to the “heat of the moment.”  Spending time with a person will eventually cause you to have certain feelings for them.

In the military, this close proximately with the opposite sex in the barracks, will cause a female who is a “4” to have the appearance of being an “8” or “9”.  Spending time in close proximity eventually leads to a breakdown of morals, values and ethics, and eventually a weakening of control over your biology.

The bottom line is that sex is powerful and women have known about this control they have over men ever since little Suzie was running around the playground with her ponytail in kindergarten.  Your best defense is to have a mission, a desire or a goal in life that is bigger than a female.  I guarantee you that a man on a mission is an aphrodisiac to a women.  When she realizes that you are interested in something bigger and better than her, the dynamics shift and you will begin to experience an entirely different connection with women.

Your secret power is your mission in life.  The challenge is for you to find it and commit to it.  That requires desire, a goal, a plan and most importantly, action.  You do have what it takes.  You are
stronger than you think you are.  

Go for it!
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