What Do You Believe About Your Story?

At 54 years old, I still say, “I am about 10 years from my prime.” I have been saying that line for over 30 years. At 23 I was taken hostage at gunpoint. At 25 I was married. At 26, I became a father. At 33, I started my own business. At 41, I went through a bankruptcy. At 46, a divorce.
Now, at age 54, I still believe the main part of my story has yet to be written.

What you believe about your story will determine how you act moving forward. If you think your story has already been written and you are “sliding into home plate,” well, you will act that way.

Not me!

For me, there are still too many things left undone. Places to visit, people to meet, businesses to start and yes, more stories to tell. If you are 44, 34, 24 or even 14, you have much more of a story to tell and a life to live.

The great thing about human beings is that we can change if we believe we can and if we choose to. Of course, it could be risky, but the gold is always on the other side of risk. That’s why those dragon, gold and princess fairy tales are so engaging. They touch a place within our soul that we know, deep down, is true.

Reward is always on the other side of risk. The gold, the girl and the prize are always on the other side of the dragon. Put on your helmet, sharpen your sword and let’s go kill some dragons. Imagine the stories we will tell our great-grandchildren!

Continue to build your legacy today.

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