You are created in His image

The ideas and words you speak have value.

I was reading my Bible one morning and came across this verse:

“And the Word became flesh. . . . .”
John 1:14

The “word” became flesh. Another way of saying that is the word came to life. Is that so hard to believe? Think about it. You have an idea. It’s just an idea. It has no value at all sitting in your head. But, then one day, you take that idea and maybe you write it down. You visualize how it might work. You plan and then start to implement the plan to make your idea a reality. Then, as if by magic, your idea comes alive and there it is. Your word became real.

God can create everything, and He did. You are created in His image and therefore have similar attributes as God. God has unlimited creativity and power. You and I are not God and therefore we have limited creativity and limited power.

Although we do not have the same ability as God, here’s what I can say. We are not living but a fraction of what we could be. For one thing, we are limited by our beliefs. We are capable of so much more and we are more than we have become.

This book will help uncover what you believe and to test your beliefs so you can begin to transform the picture you have of yourself and to see things from a different perspective.

The world, your neighborhood and your friends and family needs all of you operating on all cylinders. You are a gift. As the distance runner Steve Prefontaine said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”
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